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The Monmouth University Sailing Team is one of the many clubs here at Monmouth. Our team is made up of students with and without experience and we offer both leisure and competitive sailing teams!

The Monmouth University Sailing Team competes in the Middle Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association (MAISA) as part of the Intercollegiate Sailing Association (ICSA).

About the team

The MU sailing team practices 3-4 days a week at the Shrewsbury Sailing & Yacht Club in Oceanport, NJ; which is about 10 minutes from campus!

We currently have a fleet of 12 FJ’s with both practice and racing sails/jibs. FJ’s are of similar structure to a 420, which is used in most junior sailing programs.

Our Head coach is always on patrol in one of SSYC’s power boats, so practices are always supervised by a level 1 US Sailing Instructor.

For those who are new to the sport, we provide dry suits on the chilly days as well as life jackets to borrow. Life Jackets must be coast guard approved and worn at all times out on the water.


During our fall and spring season the team travels to different colleges/universities for Regatta’s! We travel as far north as Ithaca, NY and as far south as Williamsburg, VA.

Each member of our team pays dues each semester, which those dues go into our account along with any donations/fundraising we receive, and that helps us with travel fees.

Housing, food, and travel is all paid for during our trips! All you need to bring is your gear!

College Regattas are an all weekend event, which most times the team will leave Fridays after everyone is done with class and then we will return back on Sunday evening.

Traveling is for both advanced and beginner sailors and is a great way to explore other states, other colleges, and also make friends with students that will be attending to represent their team.

We compete with various schools along the east coast such as: Villanova, Virginia Tech, Penn State, Navy, Army, Drexel, University of Delaware, University of Pennsylvania, George Washington, & many more!

Contact Us!

For more information about our team or to join, please contact the Head Coach

Amanda Nuse

Our Coast. Your Horizon

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Shrewsbury Sailing & Yacht Club

512 Seawaneka Avenue

Oceanport, NJ 07757

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